Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The (Long) Journey Towards Ourselves

Recently I have been dealing with quite a few clients with issues around moving onto the next stage in their lives. I am also in transition in terms of my work and home location. Anyway the lovely advice spirit brought through was that while we tend to see life as a series of events, or periods of particular ‘doing’ e.g. studying, working, raising kids etc, there is really only one journey. That journey regardless of its twists and turns, challenges or length is towards one thing: Ourselves
  Everything that happens along the way, every setting is just another stage upon which we are acting out this journey. And the folk we meet just our co- actors drawn in to shine a light or reflect back some aspect of ourselves that needs addressing. They are there to help move us further down the path – even if they bring us great pain.
  We often set goals – end points - and think well when I get there I’ll feel better; when I earn this much or win that contract, life will be great. Or alternatively we resist endings, afraid of transition or change.  But either way when nothing much has changed in our internal lives or the same lessons keep coming up we feel deflated.  That is because we are still missing the point of this journey: still measuring the success of our lives against a particular event, location or factor that is external to us. Indeed judging our success by comparing where we sit in relation to other people ( especially those who may have nothing to do with us at all) is particularly pointless, although quite common given the prevalence of social media.
 The blueprint for this journey you see is actually embedded deep within each of us. Our soul knows, what aspects of our splintered selves we have come to work on, the purpose of this life against which our success or failure will be measured. The ego and it's outward outfits - job, wealth, status, age - are red herrings trying to deflect us from focusing on the real journey.  Aided and abetted by the mind it aims to keep us busy and distracted. But it is only in stilling that mind and conducting an honest assessment of our internal growth that we can work out where we are on the journey toward our greater self. A regular review not of style but content, not of intellect but of knowing, not of work output but heart output. The following are some useful examples of questions we can ask:

a) how attached am I to my role as a victim at the centre of continual drama storms (real or imagined);
b) how easily am I able to let go of old patterns, faulty beliefs and labels about what I must be (rescuer/good daughter/hard worker) but which no longer serve me;
c) how well do I hold my boundaries while living and speaking  with an open heart;
d) how often do I choose to sit in truth rather than illusion;
e) how readily do I live consciously, aware of who I am and what I am aiming to heal in me.

  Perhaps if you want a very simple signpost for this long and winding road it is this one question: How far have I come from shouting ‘me, me, me’ to proclaiming ‘I am all that I am?’

Monday, 18 February 2019

Supporting the Spiritual Child

  I ran a workshop over the weekend and in the meditation at the end a beautiful message came through about how important it is to raise the current crop of youngsters, our children or grandchildren, within the spiritual environment. They have come in carrying a higher vibration and are so in tune with Mother Earth and their own soul stories. That has to be honoured and encouraged – not shut down as it certainly was for many of us in the older generations.
  The advice from Spirit was that we need to be looking them in the eye and saying "I know your song, I honour your song and I will help you sing it." And then we must provide the environment within which their understanding is fed and nurtured and their connections to the natural world and the spiritual dimension are recognised and accepted as normal.
  We don’t have time for them to fight their way through all the left brain, 3-dimensional-world naysayers, the ‘if it can’t be seen it doesn’t exist folk’ and their institutions the way we had to. For many of the wee ones who come through my clinic the spiritual dimension is so certain and real for them, that denying it will represent a betrayal of them, their energy and their purpose. Fortunately there are such a large proportion of this new generation who are functioning on higher vibration operating systems that their combined voice will have to be acknowledged, society will have to accommodate them and their very different world viewpoint.
   I am told by teachers that little primary age children are expressing their worries about the earth, and pollution and plastic bags and climate change. Of course, in some ways it is sad that already they are acutely concerned about these issues, with their lives so much more open to information overload than previous generations. It is no accident, however, that these wonderful young beings are coming in at a time when awareness, activation and engagement are all occurring at an earlier stage. These are awake, spiritually confident and spiritually articulate children, able and ready to hold up a mirror to the madness and distortions of where we are now at as a species. They can offer clarity and a new way forward for humanity and in return we their parents, grandparents, teachers, care-givers, friends etc must offer them spiritual safety and certainty as they tell us, “We know our song, we must sing it and we will be heard!”

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Where are the Wise Ones?

  Looking around at the world at the moment my main thought is “Where are the Wise Ones?” I have just returned from a trip back to my homeland of Northern Ireland. The fraught issue of Brexit was everywhere, with non-stop ‘bun-fights’ between the British Government’s ‘Remainers’ and ‘Brexiteers’. In Northern Ireland, Brexit throws up the possibility of the re-instatement of a ‘hard’ border’ with the Republic of Ireland. It therefore threatens to de-stablise the entire island and severely undermine the Good Friday peace agreement of 1998. And where are the Northern Irish politicians at this most sensitive of times? Now proud holders of the world record for most days an elected Government has failed to sit – over 541 and counting. Mind you they are still all drawing their pay! And while I was overseas of course we had the Australian politics “muppet show” (to quote our latest leader) with a fourth consecutive first term Prime Minister rolled by their own side. And hovering over all this is the dizzying spectre of Donald Trump in the White House. Again I ask where are the adults – where is the wisdom?
  A few years ago I read a wonderful book by Helen Schaefer called Grandmothers Counsel the World. In it she tells the individual stories of 13 Wise Women from indigenous cultures all over the globe and then she expounds their collective wisdom which evolved from their four day summit in 2004. As Schaefer reveals the inspiration for the meeting and book was the fact that "in some Native American societies tribal leaders consulted a council of grandmothers before making any major decisions that would affect the whole community.”
  In contrast there is depressingly little respect shown for wisdom at the moment. Most of what passes for debate today represents two sides of an extreme pendulum swing. People are so married to their narrow and often short term points of view that they will do anything - arguing, lying, fighting and threatening those who see things differently. The mainstream media operating in a 24 hour news cycle offer up brief analysis, if any, before racing headlong to the next headline grabbing story. In depth investigation in the form of science or expert understanding is less highly valued than a 20 something ‘influencer’ who can get thousands of 'likes' for looking ‘hot’ while pouting in a selfie.
  But hopefully this trend is in itself a pendulum swing and we will return one day soon to a place where wisdom is revered and its gathering is the aim of our leaders. Until then it is incumbent upon us to seek out and reward those who are keepers and purveyors of wisdom.
   How do you spot the ‘Wise Ones’? They are not necessarily perfect people, sometimes their voice is raised in powerful objection; sometimes it is quiet but clear. Sometimes it is the calm middle voice; sometimes the slow painful voice of every man and every woman who has bled and suffered. Sometimes it is the voice of a leader drawing us back from the cliff edge of moral, social or physical destruction. Sometimes it is simply the guiding hand of a wise relation saying “I get you and I truly care.”  Often it is the ancient wisdom staring out from the eyes of a child.
  What they have in common is their authenticity, the sense that their wisdom is from beyond them, beyond their ego and the pursuit of power. That they recognise the greater ‘truths’ and are not afraid to utter them, can see the bigger picture and have the strength of purpose to honour the future above personal gratification in the present. Another consistent theme, underscored by the teachings from the International Council ofThirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, is the eternal nature of their message: the awareness of our inter-dependency with every other living creature on this planet and our total dependency on and therefore respect for Mother Earth. An understanding and recognition, also, of the eternal cycles of life…. and the fleeting nature of each lifetime.

P.S If you want an example of what the voice of wisdom sounds like try this You Tube video of  Maya Angelou, American poet, singer, memoirist and civil rights activist reciting her poem A Brave and Startling Truth to mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the United Nations. Or this longer version where Maya introduces the same poem by recounting  how she was mute from aged 7 to 14 years yet her mother always told her she would be a teacher! 

Saturday, 28 April 2018

To Need or Not to Need

  I recently broke my ankle and have had to rely a great deal more than I am usually comfortable with on my children, friends and colleagues. As such I have been thinking about the challenges many of us have with seeking/needing support. 
  I feel that a lot of the issues around this span from the fundamental (faulty) belief of our inner child in response to parents who didn’t necessarily meet our emotional or even physical needs when young. Interestingly such conditioning provokes two very different but equally unsustainable survival plans.
  On the one hand we have those whose subconscious belief is that “I cannot survive without the parent.” For them life is spent waiting for the parent to step up, or seeking others to replace the ‘missing in action’ parent. They demand a lot from friends/partners and rarely feel fully safe and supported. At the other side of the pendulum swing (where I have long sat) is the inner child with the fundamental belief that “I must survive without the parent.” Again the parent has failed to provide completely but the response is to ‘not need’. We are notoriously resistant to help and insist on struggling on our own. To seek help is to fail or to set up the possibility of being let down.
  Both are fed by evolutionary instincts. At one end is the biological fact that humans are born at a developmental stage where they cannot survive without significant input and care from the adults, especially the female. While at the other we have the evolutionary driver of the survival of the fittest.
  Both are equally distorted and damaging and both set up patterns which can take years to break. Ironically the end result is the same - both induce feelings of continually being alone and inadequately supported by the world
  The safe and healthy place is of course always in the middle. We have to address the inner child and replace its fear with the knowledge that as adults our survival is not threatened and we can let go of either ‘the need to need’ or ‘the need to not need’. We have to learn to accept that we can survive without the parent/surrogate parent, that absolutely as strong individuals we can get by on our own but equally importantly that, if we open to the generosity of others, we don’t have to.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

"Sing Up Australia" Day

Like many I have been nursing a growing disquiet about the date on which Australia Day is celebrated – the date that represents Invasion Day for the first Peoples of this magnificent land. Indeed basically only marks the establishment of a penal colony in Sydney to which many of my Irish countrymen were dragged. A date, I might add on which Australia Day has only been celebrated since 1994.
  I woke up on 26th January and was instantly aware of a sadness and heaviness in the spirit world. As many of you know I am very privileged to be allowed to work on a spiritual level with Indigenous spirit and I tuned into the Aboriginal Ancestor with whom I mostly work and he asked me to tell the following story. 
"A very long time ago there was one land and one vast expanse of water. Then the great divide happened and land mass fell away from land mass as the world re-drew its shape. Over a long time the oceans became themselves and the continents became themselves. As the tribes of man spread out across the land they moved slowly and over long periods of time they spread into each corner of the land, evolving to each climate and habitat. As they went they followed the earth’s energy lines and through these energy lines, the land they walked communicated to them. It told them the way to plants and water, to sacred spots, how to be in communion with the land.
  We became the people of this great  southern land mass and this is how we lived. We did not know that in other lands this knowledge had been lost, that this communion with earth was no longer understood and honoured.
  The energy line grid in Australia was kept in place by my people and honoured up until 200 years ago. We still let the earth tell us what she can give, what should be honoured, what should be sacred, what should be foregone. We evolved as a people to sing to the earth’s energy lines, we evolved alongside them. We knew the questions to ask and the energy lines gave us the answers.
   These energy lines are also the way the earth keeps herself fed and the loss of each one re-defines the energy of those who destroy it, those living on it, the animals and plants who feed off it and earth herself.
  This was our bargain with the land now called Australia.  It was a bond of trust and understanding – a bond that was extremely successful for tens of thousands of years. It was what you would perhaps call a contract.
  When white man came he not only took our land, he took our songs , he took away our ability to honour that contract.
  We were surprised by how little white man knew – knew only to battle with the land to beat it into submission, never asked us how to work it, heal it, tend to it.
  As our contract with the land has been dishonoured we have been powerless witnesses to the animals lost, the birds lost, the habitats lost, the healing plants lost, the water-ways polluted, the fish and corals lost. We see the energy lines fade. We see the energy lines fade.
  That’s why we cry today – not just because it marks the invasion of our land, not just the annihilation of our many tribal nations. On this date our contract with the land of Australia was torn up and thrown away. This date began the end of an ancient way of being that had truly celebrated this land.
  We understand ceremony, we understand the word ‘to honour’, it is part of our culture. We understand the power of many uniting to put their energy and intention into one thing. Therefore we deeply believe in the need for this land to be honoured– that there must be a Day for Australia when all the people of this land can focus on its wonders and beauty and celebrate. But this date is not it.
  Sing with my people on another Date, a Sing up Australia Day. A day to be grateful for all you receive and then to give back – to walk the lines, to feed the energy of the land around you. Ask my people how to say thank you to the land that is Australia, my goodness my friends – you must say thank you."

(On 26 January 2018 it is estimated that 60,000 people protested the date of Australia Day in marches around the country.)

Monday, 30 October 2017

Healing Power of Truth

Truth is a complex concept. Perhaps it would be easier if there were different words for the range of meaning available when we invoke the term ‘truth’. There is the absolute truth of 2x2=4. Then there is the subjective truth of the witnessing eye. Several witnesses to an event may offer wildly differing versions but be certain they are describing the truth. This is truth as filtered through each person’s mind and coloured by the experiences, prejudices and physical location of the individual.
 Extending beyond the detached witness, we come to the truth of the experienced event. This tends to be even more dependent upon the distorting filter of the personality, especially for the child. As this can be a serious block to a person’s healing I often work firstly to reveal the kernel of truth at the centre of their physical, emotional or spiritual dis-ease. So for instance an energy field reading may reveal,
  “When you were three you felt very sad and alone because your mother was no longer as attentive or emotionally available.”
  From the clarity of that deep seated 'true' feeling and the compassion we have for the suffering child, we can then start to unravel the massively destructive ‘untruths’ that have accumulated around the person’s interpretation of events. Hence,
 “But this wasn’t abandonment because you, the child, were bad or unworthy. The truth for your mother was that she wasn’t coping with the new baby/her father's death/your dad's drinking etc etc” 
  For many of us the most consistent ‘truth’ in our lives is that our commitment to a faulty belief in our own unworthiness has led to bad choices, unhappy relationships and/or work experiences and/or ultimately heath issues.
  I believe that we have a physiological connection to truth. And, therefore, through truth we have access to a wonderful tool for health and healing. The more time that we spend in a state of truthfulness with ourselves, the less our vibration tolerates ‘untruth’ either from our own ego or from those around us. This is a major step towards living consciously, truthfully and healthfully.
 Conversely it also means that ‘living a lie’ can literally make us sick and can throw us out of sync with the resonance of a healthy body. And indeed hiding a truth can be very destructive for individuals, families or organisations and institutions. It is like a festering boil - it may take a while to come to the surface but the truth will always out, one way or another.

Monday, 28 August 2017

The Devastating Voice of Suicide

  Very sadly some good friends of mine have recently had to deal with every parent’s worst nightmare, the suicide of their eldest son. The most heart breaking part of a heartbreaking ceremony to celebrate his life was seeing him as a bright eyed little boy, happy, engaged with his siblings, curious and excited; and knowing that somehow that had all been overwhelmed by a shadow that was just beginning to become visible in the later photos. 
  Unfortunately my friends are far from alone in having to deal with the shocking aftermath of suicide. the overall  suicide rate in Australia as based on 2015 figures equates to eight deaths by suicide each day.
  The reasons someone chooses to end their own life are myriad and complex. Victims, their stories, families and circumstances are of course incredibly varied. For some the external environment certainly is dangerous but for all of them their internal environment is the place that poses the greatest threat. The last voice they hear is their own. An angry, relentless, hope-less, fear filled, self-loathing and ultimately murderous voice. A voice that demands only one solution, that it be stopped.
  It’s a voice aided by today’s emphasis on the dichotomies of success and failure, as opposed to viewing life as a spectrum of experiences which are all worthy and useful chapters in our story. It is abetted by society’s impatience with the ‘different’. Its power can be dimmed somewhat by loving parents, supportive workmates or friends but, as my friends tragically discovered, their love and acceptance could not silence it. It also sets up vicious cycles on hormonal, chemical, emotional and energetic levels. 
  That’s why stopping that voice before it gets hold is so important and why showing primary school children (before the hormone storm hits) how to protect and honour themselves in their internal space should be taught at schools ahead of every other subject. Before all the information that they will likely never need in order to survive, teach teenagers how to befriend themselves and therefore subdue that voice that seeks to betray their very being.